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What is MAP Training?

Is MAP Training just another gym?


Real People With Real Results

Greg Siewers is well known for designing heart pumping customized routines and delicious meal plans that deliver results. It doesn't matter if you are a professional athlete or spend your days working in an office, MAP Training has helped someone just like you reach their fitness goals!

Fitness, Nutrition, Accountability

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Our Process

1. Assessment

Just as every person is different, so are the strengths and weaknesses that develop with your lifestyle. While one person spends the majority of their day at the desk, experiencing shoulder pain, another may spend their day on the move, while constantly fighting to stay motivated to get a workout in.

Our assessment process involves a series of simple mobility movements and a short questionnaire that will help us create custom programs to help you reach your personal fitness goals, regardless of what life throws at you.

2. Training

This is where we really shine - in developing effective, efficient and fun programs that will make a difference in the gym, the kitchen and your daily life! Our training focuses on functional movement through a wide variety of methods, such as circuit training, kickboxing, corrective exercises and many more.

Training can be delivered in a one on one environment to allow hands-on help in your fitness development or in an online platform to give you all the benefits of our training on your phone and at your fingertips.

3. Nutrition

Understanding nutrition basics and how to build a healthy, sustainable meal plan is where the average gym-goer struggles. They fall into the traps of fad diets or the quick fix foods that are so readily available. Since we don't believe in ever being "average", we create custom meal plans for every participant. Each meal plan is built to suit your time constraints, health restrictions and schedule. We will build a program for life, not just today.


Still Wondering What Makes MAP Training Different?

There are countless trainers, diets, and gimmicks that promise the world, but how can we be so confident that MAP Training will work for you? We have the PROOF! Real people, real results.

Unlike other companies that focus solely on fitness, nutrition, or coaching, we provide the holy trinity of customized fitness routines, personalized nutrition plans, and unwavering accountability coaching.

We don't just cheer from the sidelines; we're with you every step of the way, so it's not if you will get results, but when!

It's time to experience the difference. Are you ready to step into the extraordinary?